Stonehurst Farm 
Breeder of quality Trakehner sport horses

Jennifer is a life-long horse enthusiast who started riding at eight years old. After years of frustration at hunter shows watching the same classes over and over, eventing came to her rescue. After graduating Norven Park International Equestrian Center with a degree in riding and stable management, she began a search for the perfect equine partner.

Poltergeist, an unregistered thoroughbred was her first love. After winning regularly at third level dressage, we went to the screening trials for the Olympics. After about a month to practice at fourth level on her own, she was told by her instructor Colonel Llundquist, that her fourth level was “lousy” and to please come back next year because Poltergeist had potential. That opportunity was lost when Poltergeist was lost in a tragic barn fire.

After the loss, Jennifer began breeding yearlings for the racetrack. This eventually lead to her career as a trainer, breeder and owner of thoroughbred racehorses which she raised on JSH Farm, her farm near Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington.


Floyd on his horse "Stoney"

Jennifer on Poltergeist

Her winning thoroughbred stallion, New Circle, was a track record holder at 1/16 mile and became her foundation sire.  He was her second love and a constant companion for 24 years. After more than 20 years in the racing business, she retired to return to dressage, her first interest.    

New Circle

Floyd worked for Kentucky state government for 25 years in the Cabinet for Families in Children. In 2000, the governor appointed him Director of the Division of Community Services in that Cabinet.  He retired to the farm in 2004.

He grew up on a farm outside Winchester, Kentucky where his father raised cattle and tobacco.  His first riding experience was on the back of his father's mules, keeping them from eating the corn that his father was plowing. He also often rode the pinto pony on the farm and one of his chores was to ride “Bullet” to gather the cows in the evenings.  After retirement, he has done private consulting and is currently the administrative manager of Kentucky Public Retirees.